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First published in  Playboy  1990. 

Posted by David Parker on April 25, 2000:

Mr. Boyle,

I have been looking for critical articles on the above mentioned story for a paper I'm writing to no avail. I have exhausted the resources of the small college I attend, and was browsing the web, when I came across this board.  Would you happen to remember any folks who have done a hatchet job on this particular work?

Thanx for your time,  D.P. 

Posted by TCB on April 27, 2000:

Dear David Parker: I know of no articles on that story, per se, though it may have been written of in various theses (see Sandye's web page in Links section). Search major magazines and newspapers for spring of '94, when Without A Hero came out--some of those articles and reviews may mention story. TCB.
- - - - -

Posted by Melinda Morgrage on October 01, 2000:

I am currently enrolled in a literature class and just read TCB's "Carnal Knowledge," I have to respond to the story by relating the story to TCB's own life and values. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I have found information about his life but am still unsure how that story relates to his values and lifestyle. Any information would be appreciated.  thanks 

Posted by TCB on October 01, 2000:

Dear Melinda: The best info. you'll get will be indirect, of course, since one can never confuse the narrator of the story with the author. Look at A Friend of the Earth and stories from T.C. Boyle Stories with an enviro theme, like "Hopes Rise"; "Big Game"; "The Extinction Tales." And also the essay , "This Monkey, My Back," about my beginnings as a writer. TCB. 

--Sandye Utley, Cincinnati, Ohio

Last Page Update: 10 March 2001