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"For those of you seeking information, relief is in sight. Sandye, of message-board fame, is preparing to link us to every conceivable site extant." -- T. Coraghessan Boyle, 12/12/99

Literary Elements
Radio and Television
    Art History Research Center
    Artists for War Child
    Absolut Duesing
    Tom Bacher An artist with childhood fixations on glow-in-the-dark objects expands our visual point of reference with these spectacular paintings
    CyberTimes arts @ large index The New York Times' way of checking out the "intersection of technology and the arts, including Web-based art exhibits, interactive music, hypertext fiction and other expressions of digital creativity"
    Dia Center for the Arts
    James Duesing The animator's Carnegie-Mellon home site; contains links to animated works "Cultural Tourism"; "Law of Averages"; "Maxwell's Demon"; "Tugging the Work"; "Impetigo"  and Absolut Vodka ad among others
    Franklin Furnace Archive  "On a mission from God to make the world safe for avant-garde art"
    Headlands Center for the Arts An experimental laboratory for artists from the U.S. and around the world to come together, working collaboratively in extended residencies, to create new works in the San Francisco Bay area's former military barracks
    Saw Theater Bunraku, marionettes, shadow puppets all come into play in this surreal work by Mark Fox; featured in the Henson Foundation's International Festival of Puppetry
    Tom X. Chao  New York-based performance artist and former TCB student

Literary Elements
    Sankai Juku Japanese Butoh dance company.  Site lists 1999/2000 tour dates and contains photographs
    I prefer Sankai Juku

    Budding Prospects In development
    Budding Prospects Another version
    Roger Ebert Movie Files
    Internet Movie Database The most comprehensive resource for film on the web.  Search by title, director, actor(s), etc.
    David Mamet "Caught in the Web" Inter(net)view on The Spanish Prisoner.  In Real Video or Quicktime
    Mohonk Mountain Hotel Resort served as the base for the Kellogg Sanitarium in the film The Road to Wellville
    Spaceyland The official Kevin Spacey fan site
    Sputnik 7  Short films on demand
    From Script to Screen A site devoted to cinematic storytelling
    A Toxic Heritage: The Hudson River PCB Story In straightforward yet scientifically exacting terms, Clearwater´s researchers and a cast of star environmental scientists describe the history of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) dumping by General Electric, its effects on wildlife and humans, and outline a strategy for cleaning the Hudson River in this 1998 documentary.  Site includes 27 minute streaming video for Real Player.

    Chez Panisse  The home of California cuisine.  With links to all of Alice Waters' cookbooks and their recipes.
    M.F.K. Fisher Les Dames d'Escoffier International celebrates the life and work of M.F.K. Fisher
    Insects as Food Do we really want to know?
    Iron Chef The Food Network's raucous and frenetic entry in how-to television.  A Japanese original--welcome to Kitchen Stadium.  Would Boyle-san be tempted to try a little of that broccoli ice cream?
    Pommes Frites A good reason to visit New York; review from the Official French Fries Page
    SOAR Berkeley's Searchable Online Archive of Recipes; over 67,000 recipes currently indexed
    Writers/Artists Snacking at Work  Beware!  It had to happen: arty types rate the best/worst in snack foods on a scale of 1-10 scale, based on packaging, taste, looks and which South Park character would like it best...

    Another String The UN-official Nigel Kennedy people; from the Netherlands.  The Artist formerly known as Nigel.  Not necessarily endorsed by TCB
    Audio Street British website; buy CD's not yet released in the U.S.
    John Coltrane Previously listed site has disappeared; here's a new one with discographies, recordings, photos, and much more, including a search utility
    Lynn Harrell Looking for moody cello concerti?  Here's a conversation with a guy who plays one of Jackie du Pre's old cellos...
    Paavo Jarvi Official site
    Christian Kiefer Homepage of this writer, musician and former T.C. Boyle student
    Mercury Lounge  Site of T. Coraghessan Boyle reading for New Yorker 75th Anniversary Celebration, May 5, 2000
    The Naked Carmen Long before becoming widely known as the composer of The Red Violin, John Corigliano created a bizarre recording-only version of Bizet's Carmen (1970), with Melba Moore as Carmen, Mary Bruce and Her Star Buds dancing Stop Time, and a sound collage featuring the voice of Spiro Agnew and references to the likes of Daniel (the Red) Cohn-Bendit (!).  Original album notes and cover photo are here, unfortunately no audio clips
    Napster What ARE they talking about?  Not available for Mac
    Official Ray Davies Website Nothing to do with TCB--Sandye just likes The Kinks
    Shanghai Love Motel This NY-based quartet claims to have nicked the title line of their song "If the River Was  Whiskey" from the "same well-traveled folk T. Coraghessan Boyle did"
    A Patti Smith Babelogue If she ever did it, it's probably here somewhere.  Amazingly conprehensive
    Pollstar The concert hotwire; check here for dates and venues


Radio and Television
    Arts and Entertainment Network
    Facets Video On-Line T. Coraghessan Boyle: World's End video; part of the series A Moveable Feast: Profiles of Contemporary American Authors (1991); available at $19.99
    Les netcams de Canal+  Live from Paris:  it's two studio cams (trained on the usually empty "Nulle Part Ailleurs" set -- at least by normal U.S. snooping times) and one in the hallway near the snack machines.  This is where TCB said he was interviewed prior to his 2/2000 interview.  Cameras live on the web 24/7...
    Nulle Part Ailleurs The Canal+ television series with the coolest guest list (in French).  This is the current week's list.  Programs are webcast--just figure out your time difference...
    PBS - Arts Programming Links
    Charlie Rose PBS series featuring the best in current events and  arts interviews.  Check frequently since previously announced guests are often pre-empted for breaking news.  TCB guested 3 times to date.  Shows only archived to 1996; no search engine
    Selected Shorts Isaiah Sheffer's program showcasing readings of contemporary short stories by actors and authors.  Heard weekly on many National Public Radio affiliates.
    TV The daily TV Industry Resource
    TV Now Entertainment Don't waste time.  "Appointment viewers" can search here by Actor/Actress/Director name and pull up a full month's worth of programs at once.

    English2American Dictionary
    Babelfish Alta Vista translation service
    Babson College Horn Library A great reference site with links to Writers' Resources: Dictionaries, Thesauri, Citing; Telephone/Postal Code Directories; Encyclopedias; Maps and Atlases; Library Catalogs; News and Weather; and Biographical Information
    Babylon Dictionary, translator (10 languages), text to speech, and currency converter.  Free download.  PC only
    Boyles in History A brief overview of the Boyle family in Ireland
    CultureFinder Search over 350,000 theater, music , opera, dance and visual arts events If it had to do with words, it's here.  Dictionaries, English and foreign language; Roget's Thesaurus; style guides; citation guides, etc.  Search 11 search engines simultaneously, as well as Usenet, Newscrawler and more
    EuroSeek Search in 39 different languages; even includes Esperanto!
    Google Do you feel lucky?  Search engine categories results by number of accurate hits
    Grammar Lady - We all make mistakes; just ask the grammar  lady...
    How to Search the Web: A Guide To Search Tools by Terry A. Gray.  An excellent guide explaining exactly how to query a variety of search engines
    Internet Search FAQ How to Find Information, People, Research Data and Almost Anything Else on the Net
    L.A. Weekly
    Metagrid - Newspapers and Magazines Comprehensive website with hundreds of magazines (by subject listing) and newspapers from all over the world
    Northern Light "Just what you've been searching for"; in addition to providing superior search capabilities, Northern Light also has extensive links to hard to find older newspaper articles available for downloading at a $2.95 per fee
    Top 100 U.S. Newspapers Alphabetical listing by city name
    URLs for a Rainy Day Websites Recommended by Users, to Help you find Anything and Everything on the Net
    The Village Voice Search in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or a combination of all six

    Advanced Book Exchange World's largest network of independent booksellers.  Great place to find out-of-print or hard to find books
    Alibris Books you thought you'd never find A service of the Authors' Guild.  Authors offer their private stock of out-of-print books
    The Boyle Shoe For ladies only; from Le Palais de la Chaussure (le magasin de l'extreme) - thanks to J. Tombeur
    Comme des Garcons Parfums Rei Kawakubo's unconventional fragrances, including White; Odeur 53; and 2.  Site has a bizarre trailing cursor
    Sephora Eschewing the "hard sell" to give you what you wantóFreedom, Beauty and Pleasure
    Style 365 Alessi, Miyake, Balducci's, Zabar's, Starck, Poilane, Vuitton; the ultimate example of conspicuous consumption.  Check out the amazing Miyake/Pleats Please animation upon loading the site
    Urban Decay "Inspired by the beautiful hues of our urban landscape"

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Last Page Update:  13 May 2001