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Contemporary Literary Criticism, volume(s) 36:60-3, 55:106, 111, 143-4, 147, 149

Posted by Miriam on April 20, 2000:

Oops--I posted a follow-up question on the old message board before I saw TCB's "Old Message Board" post today. Sorry about that--I'm reposting my question here to help the rerouting effort (please forgive the repetition):

Thanks for your reply. I remembered another question after my last post.

In Thomas Pynchon's V., there is a minor character named Hedwig Vogelsang, a 16-year-old S & M enthusiast at Foppl's plantation in Südwest Africa. Also, one of the major characters is Herbert Stencil. I was wondering if Herbert Vogelsang in Budding Prospects might be meant as a nod to V.. Like Stencil, no one calls him "Herbert," and judging from his treatment of Savoy, Hedwig might be just his type!

Thanks again,


Posted by TCB on April 23, 2000:

Dear Miriam: When I was a young lad who hadn't written anything (or much, anyway), V
was one of my enthusiasms. If Vogelsang hearkens back to that book, then it's purely unconscious. But thanks for giving us that amazing link. Everything, I guess, is in some way unconsciously done.  Except murder. TCB.
- - - - -
Posted by Miriam on May 07, 2000:

So, Chuckster, you reappear but you don't reply to my followup message in the Budding Prospects thread? I'll recopy to bring this back up to the top.  Were you referring to the real-life model for Vogelsang in BP (I came across a TRP interview that refers to him)? Please share.

My original reply:

: : He's going to change his name to Hedwig now...I just know it!

: Don't know which "he" you mean, but the Hedwig in V. is a sixteen-year-old girl who says, "my purpose on earth is to tantalize and send raving the race of man." :)

: Miriam 

Posted by TCB on May 12, 2000:

Dear Miriam: I love these discussions. They dig great bleeding gouts out of my corpus callosum. TCB.
- - - - -
Posted by J Anderson on September 24, 2000:

Many great authors have done their best work under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Do you feel that the effect of drugs (alchohol included) help or hinder the creative process? 

Also, I enjoyed Budding Prospects and I was wondering what research went into it. Specifically, what drugs have you done in your career? And although I understand, if you can, please refrain from the political[ly] correct response. 

Posted by TCB on September 28, 2000:

Dear J. Anderson: What is politically correct is my enemy. This is a forum for frankness, within the bounds of my normal politesse, of course. Please see the FAQ page and refer to my essay, mentioned below, called "This Monkey, My Back," in The Eleventh Hour, ed. Frank Conroy. TCB. 
- - - - -
Posted by nick garrett on October 03, 2000:

I've just finished reading 'Budding Prospects' and I thought it was a total rocker (a good thing). What I would like to know is, does Mr Boyle smoke weed? And more importantly does he write under the influence, or did he? Because some of the writing had that mad inspiration and verisimilitude that you get when writing on the weed of wisdom... Also, about half way through this enjoyable read I started to wonder if the author was a foot fetishist, becuase feet seem to be decribed in great detail.... 

Posted by Jef Tombeur on October 03, 2000:

Dear Nick,

TCB does immerse himself in 'fumigations' whenever he writes... Ie, fumes from his own cooking. So he must inhale some kinds of herbs fumes as well (but mostly spices). As for the feet, he's also a covert hoof fetishist... He's nearly number one in my anthology of Zoophilia in literature. Feet are a substitute for hooves... Being in gasperopodiphilia myself, we diverge on this...Hope this helps
- - - - -

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