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T. Coraghessan Boyle is a prolific writer who has created a sizable number of short stories, over the course of his career, many of which have been collected in his books.  This page is an attempt to chronicle the original publication data for readers who may wish to discover their source or track down the uncollected, orphan stories.  I have provided a list of Boyle's current short story collections here, along with a list of the stories appearing in each book.  The stories are linked by title to the original publication data.  Previously unpublished and uncollected stories are not linked.


DESCENT OF MAN (1979): Descent of Man; The Champ; We Are Norsemen; Heart of a Champion; Bloodfall; The Second Swimming; Dada; A Women's Restaurant; The Extinction Tales; Caye; The Big Garage; Green Hell; Earth, Moon; Quetzalcóatl Lite; De Rerum Natura; John Barleycorn Lives; Drowning.

GREASY LAKE AND OTHER STORIES (1985): Greasy Lake; Caviar; Ike and Nina; Rupert Beersley and the Beggar Master of Sivani-Hoota; On for the Long Haul; The Hector Quesadilla Story; Whales Weep; The New Moon Party; Not a Leg to Stand On; Stones in My Passway, Hellhound on My Trail; All Shook Up; A Bird in Hand; Two Ships; Rara Avis; The Overcoat II.

IF THE RIVER WAS WHISKEY (1989): Sorry Fugu; Modern Love; Hard Sell; Peace of Mind; Sinking House; The Human Fly; The Hat; Me Cago en la Leche (Robert Jordan in  Nicaragua); The Little Chill; King Bee; Thawing Out; The Devil and Irv Cherniske; The Miracle at Ballinspittle; Zapatos; The Ape Lady in Retirement; If the River Was Whiskey.

WITHOUT A HERO (1994): Big Game; Hopes Rise; Filthy with Things; Without a Hero; Respect; Acts of God; Back in the Eocene; Carnal Knowledge; The 100 Faces of Death Vol. IV; 56-0; Top of the Food Chain; Little America; Beat; The Fog Man; Sitting on Top of the World.

T.C. BOYLE STORIES (1998): I-Love: Modern Love; Ike and Nina; Sorry Fugu; Without a Hero; Heart of a Champion; Carnal Knowledge; Acts of God; Hopes Rise; Descent of Man; Caviar; All Shook Up; I Dated Jane Austen; Caye; Little Fur People; John Barleycorn Lives; TheHat; Whales Weep; A Women's Restaurant; Thawing Out; Back in the Eocene; Sitting on Top of the World; If the River Was Whiskey; Juliana Cloth. II-Death: Big Game; Greasy Lake;Peace of Mind; King Bee; Sinking House; The Devil and Irv Cherniske; The Human Fly; On for the Long Haul; The 100 Faces of Death, Volume IV; Little America; Stones in My My Passway, Hellhound on My Trail; The Hit Man; Not a Leg to Stand On; Green Hell; Me Cago en la Leche (Robert Jordan in Nicaragua); The Ape Lady in Retirement; De Rerum Natura; The Extinction Tales; The Fog Man; Drowning; Rara Avis; The Overcoat II; Mexico. III-And Everything in Between: Beat; Hard Sell; The Miracle at Ballinspittle; Top of the Food Chain; The Hector Quesadilla Story; We Are Norsemen; The Champ; Bloodfall; Rupert Beersley and the Beggar Master of Sivani-Hoota; The New Moon Party; The Second Swimming; Dada; Two Ships; TheLittle Chill; A Bird in Hand; The Arctic Explorer; Rapture of the Deep; 56-0; The Big Garage; Zapatos; Respect; Filthy with Things.

AFTER THE PLAGUE (2001):   The 16 stories are as follows and in order: Termination Dust, She Wasn't Soft, Killing Babies, Captured by the Indians, Achates McNeil, Mexico,The Love of My LifeRust, Peep Hall, Going Down, Friendly Skies, The Black and White SistersDeath of the Cool, My Widow, The Underground Gardens, After the Plague. Nine of the stories appeared in The New Yorker. Dust, Sisters and Plague appeared in Playboy; Rust in Granta; Going Down in Paris Review; Cool in GQ; Peep in Esquire.  Cheers, TCB.
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"Drowning." South Dakota Review  1971.
"The OD & Hepatitis RR or Bust."  North American Review  257:3 (Fall 1972): 78-81.
"Rock and Roll Star." North American Review (Spring 1973): 52-55.
"Heart of a Champion."  Esquire 83:1 (January 1975): 90.
"Caye." Tri-Quarterly 1975.
"A Women's Restaurant."  Penthouse  1976.
"Green Hell."  Transatlantic Review  1976.
"De Rerum Natura."  Quest/77   1976.
"Mise en Scène." North American Review 261 (Spring 1976): 68.
"Fathers." South Dakota Review (Autumn 1976): 50-59.
"The Stray-Dog Artist." Carolina Quarterly (Fall 1976).
"The See." TriQuarterly35 (Winter 1976): 82-84.
"Descent of Man."  Paris Review 18:69 (Spring 1977): 16.
"Crossings." North American Review 262 (Summer 1977): 45.
"We Are Norsemen." Harper's Magazine 255:1528 (September 1977): 76.
"The Second Swimming." Paris Review 19:72 (Winter 1977): 14(14).
"Champ." Atlantic 24:1 (January 1978): 82.
"Hostages." Antioch Review 36:2 (Spring 1978): 154-160.
"The Zoo." Texas Quarterly 21 (Spring 1978): 143-151.
"Hunger." Croton Review (Summer 1978).
"Poison." Hawaii Review (Fall 1978).
"John Barleycorn Lives."  Atlantic243 (January 1979): 67-72.
"Earth, Moon."  Fiction  1979.
"Quetzalcóatl Lite."  Quest/78  1979.
"The Naïf." North American Review 264 (Spring 1979): 26-29.
"I Dated Jane Austen." Georgia Review33 (Summer 1979): 416-20.
"Stones in My Passway, Hellhound on My Trail." TriQuarterly46 (Fall 1979): 42-48.
"A Rake's Progress." Kansas Quarterly 11:1 (Winter-Spring 1979): 71-77.
"Earthmover." Confrontation (Fall-Winter 1979).
"Mungo Among the Moors." Paris Review78 (Summer 1980).
"Rock and Roll Heaven." Fiction International 12 (1980).
"The Hit Man." North American Review 265 (Summer 1980): 50-51.
"The Big Garage."  Penthouse  12 (February 1981): 128-138.
"The Overcoat II."  Atlantic 249 (January 1982): 67-77.
"Greasy Lake." Paris Review 84 (Spring 1982): 14-24.
"Mungo Among the Moors." Granta 5: The Modern Common Wind(Spring 1982).
"Ike and Nina." Paris Review 85 (Fall 1982): 14-26.
"A Bird in Hand." Antioch Review 41 (Spring 1983): 148-58.
"Greasy Lake." Granta 9: John Berger, Boris(Autumn 1983).
"The Hat." Antaeus 1984.
"The Hector Quesadilla Story." Paris Review 93 (Fall 1984): 253-66.
"On for the Long Haul."  Esquire103 (February 1985): 136-42+
"Rupert Beersley and the Beggar Master of Sivani-Hoota." Antioch Review43 (Spring 1985): 158-74.
"On for the Long Haul." Isaac Asimovís Science Fiction Magazine9:8  (August 1985): 98.
"Bloodfall." Twilight Zone Magazine5:1 (March/April 1985): 40.
"I Dated Jane Austen." Georgia Review40 (Spring 1986): 52-6.
"The Little Chill."  PEN Syndicated Fiction Project  1987.
"Sorry Fugu." Harper's275 (October 1987): 50-7.
"Hard Sell." Harper's275 (December 1987): 17-20.
"Sinking House." The Atlantic261 (February 1988): 53-9.
"Me cago en la leche. "   Interview  18:2 (February  1988): 56-9. 
"Modern Love." Playboy (March 1988)
"The Miracle at Ballinspittle." Granta 23: Home(Spring 1988).
"If the River Was Whiskey."  Gentlemen's Quarterly 58 (June 1988): 161-2+
"The Devil and Irv Cherniske." Antioch Review 46 (Fall 1988): 413-27.
"The Human Fly."  Playboy  1989.
"Zapatos." Harper's 277:1661 (October 1988):30-4.
"Urban Renewal." Omni11:1 (October 1988): 98-100+
"Peace of Mind."  Harper's 278 (January 1989): 65-71.
"Acts of God."  Wigwag  1989.
"King Bee."  Playboy  March 1989.
"The Ape Lady in Retirement"." Paris Review 110 (Spring 1989): 98-117.
"Thawing Out." Gentlemen's Quarterly59 (May 1989): 187-8+
"East Is East." Rolling Stone, October 5, 1989, 126-30+
"Carnal Knowledge."  Playboy  1990.
"The New Moon Party." TriQuarterly78 (Spring/Summer 1990): 281-93.
"The Fog Man." Gentlemen's Quarterly60 (September 1990): 273+
"Without a Hero."  Gentlemen's Quarterly 61 (March 1991): 181+
"Hopes Rise." Harper's 282 (March 1991): 60-5.
"Sitting on Top of the World." Granta 36: Vargas Llosa for President(Summer 1991).
"Almost Love." In Health  5:5 (September/October 1991): 84.
"Big Game." Rolling Stone, October 3, 1991, 54-7+
"Back in the Eocene."  Gentlemen's Quarterly 61 (December 1991): 176+
"56-0." Playboy 1992.
"Respect." Playboy 1992.
"Beat." Playboy 1993.
"Filthy with Things."  The New Yorker68 (February 15, 1993): 76-87.
"Top of the Food Chain."  Harper's 286 (April 1993): 72-4.
"The 100 Faces of Death, Volume IV." Antaeus70 (Spring 1993): 177-85.
"The Road to Wellville."  Rolling Stone,April 15, 1993, 48-50+
"Little America." Granta 44: The Last Place on Earth(Summer 1993).
"Achates McNeil." The New Yorker71 (June 26-July 3, 1995): 70-81.
"She Wasn't Soft."  The New Yorker71 (September 18, 1995): 84-8+
"Termination Dust."  Playboy  43:5 (May 1996):116(9).
"Rapture of the Deep." Paris Review136 (Fall 1996): 23-37.
"Killing Babies." The New Yorker72 (December 2, 1996): 86-90+
"Little Fur People." Antioch Review55 (Fall 1997): 410-25.
"Juliana Cloth." The New Yorker73 (January 19, 1998): 68-71.
"The Underground Gardens."  The New Yorker74:13 (May 25, 1998): 102-6+
"Rust." Granta 63: Beasts(Autumn 1998): 151-65.
"Mexico." The New Yorker74:32 (October 19, 1998): 68-74.
"After the Plague." Playboy 46:9 (September 1999): 80.
"Captured by the Indians."  The New Yorker75:28 (September 27, 1999): 84-90.
"All the Wrecks I've Crawled Out Of."  Story Quarterly (Fall 1999).
"Fondue." Antioch Review(Fall 1999).
"Going Down."  Paris Review 152 (Fall 1999): 63-78.
"The Love of My Life."  The New Yorker76:2 (March 6, 2000): 78-87.
"Death of the Cool."  Gentlemen's Quarterly(June 2000):
"Friendly Skies." The New Yorker(August 7, 2000): 70-75.
"A Friend of the Earth." Outside (August 2000): 86-91+.
"The Black and White Sisters." Playboy 47:9 (September 2000): 82+.
"Peep Hall." Esquire (September 2000): 218-224+.
"My Widow." The New Yorker (February 12, 2001): 80-87.
"Swept Away." The New Yorker  (January 21, 2002)
"The Kind Assassin."  Gentlemen's Quarterly (November 2002): 264-268+
"Here Comes."  Harper's  (November 2002):
"Dogology."  The New Yorker  (November 11, 2002):
"Marco Drops In."  L.A. Weekly (February 14-21, 2003):
 "When I Woke Up This Morning, Everything I Had Was Gone."  The New Yorker  (March 31, 2003):
 "Blinded By The Light."  McSweeney's #12 (
"Jubilation."  Playboy  August 2003.
"Tooth and Claw." The New Yorker (November 10, 2003):
"Rastrow's Island."  Harper's (March 2004):
"Chicxulub."  (to be published)
"Up Against the Wall."  (to be published)
"The Doubtfulness of Water."  (to be published)
"Three Quarters of the Way to Hell."  (to be published)
"Up Against the Wall."  (to be published)

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