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First published in Playboy 47:9 (September 2000): 82+. 

Posted by sorehand on August 02, 2000:

My name's NOT Vincent, ok? It's L-A-R-R-Y. Well, actually, it's Mike. But that's beside the point. We're here to discuss the fiction short by T.C. Boyle appearing in this September's issue of Playboy, aren't we? Haven't read it yet? Do it now! Oh no, not a critique! Never, I am simply a fan...

A Boyle Allegory? Hmmmmm...This story is a comic film noir that is guaranteed to horrify every gardener. Pastels gasp for air in this chessboard landscape. Romance, love, and emotion are all kept in check by the fear of losing control over one's environment. These dangerous colors of our nature threaten the foundation of the Black and White Sisters covenant of simplification. Larry, our protagonist, is a knight in shining green St. Patrick's Day jacket/armour. He is the forbidden fruit in a modern garden of eden: a garden devoid of God, replaced by ultra-conservative-control-freak-women who seem to like Guiness. His disruptive presence has no earth-shaking, God-fearing effects. He simply scratches the surface, and is practically consumed.

Ok, so what, right? So why do we like Boyle? I like his stuff for the IMAGERY, the absurd juxatapositions, the quixotic nature of the narrative, and the humor of great satire. But, more importantly, why do YOU like Boyle? Tell us all, we want to know, man. Really...


Posted by TCB on August 05, 2000:

In Reply to: Milk and Cookies Anyone?(The Black and White Sisters) posted by sorehand on August 02, 2000:

Dear Sorehand/Mic and Cher Jef: Again you folks anticipate me. I didn't know the story was out yet, but am delighted to hear your interpretations.  Very inspired, Mic. TCB. 

--Sandye Utley, Cincinnati, Ohio

Last Page Update: 16  March  2001