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WATER MUSIC [ISBN 0-14-006550-4]

© 1980, 1981 by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Dedication: "This book is affectionately dedicated to the members of the Raconteurs' Club: Alan Arkawy, Gordon Baptiste, Neal Friedman, Scott Friedman, Rob Jordan, Russell Timothy Miller and David Needelman.  It is also for you, K.K."

Acknowledgements: "Soft White Underbelly," "Ere Half My Days," "Corrective Surgery," "A.K.A. Katunga Oyo," "Fatima," "The Sahel," "Tantlus," "Laying It on the Line," "Plantation Song" and "New Continents, Ancient Rivers" first appeared, in slightly different form and under the title "Mungo Among the Moors" in The Paris Review.

"Naiad," "Glegged," "Diminishing Returns," "Apostasy" and "Cold Feet" first appeared under the title "Patience" in Antaeus.

"Arise!" and "Leavening" and "O That Sinking Feeling" first appeared under the title "The Fall of Ned Rise" in The Hawaii Review.

"Not Twist, Not Copperfield, Not Fagin Himself" first appeared in The Iowa Review.

"Hegira" first appeared in The North American Review.

"Escape!" and "Dassoud's Story" and "Escape!, Cont." first appeared under the title "Escape from the Moors" in The Agni Review.

The author would like to thank the National Endowment for the Arts for their financial assistance in completing this book.

Mungo Park  See an actual photograph of the intrepid explorer.

Park, Mungo.  Travels Into the Interior of Africa.  1795.  An excerpt from Park's actual journal, with special thanks to TCB's German translator, Werner Richter, for this great find! 

Friedman, Alan.  Two Plots, Two Heroes; 'Water Music' by T. Coraghessan Boyle.  New York  Times Book Review  27 December 1981: 9, 18.

Heebner, Mary.  Mungo Park Interview with T.C. Boyle.   Originally published 4 November 1999.  < page=
wildlit/tcset.asp>.  Interview with the author about "Water Music." 

Henry, Matthew.  Fact or Fiction: Historical Indeterminacy in T. Coraghessan Boyle's "Water Music."  Syracuse University, NY.  Presented at SUNY Potsdam, NY, September 30, 1995. 

Kearns, George.  Review of "Water Music."  The Hudson Review XXXV:3 (Autumn 1982): 511-12.

O'Connell, Shaun.  "A Crazed Humorist's Wild-and-Wooly Romp."  The Boston Globe  14 February  1982.

Pisón, Ignacio Martínez de.  ¿Para qué tanto?  19 de marzo de 2001 <>

Schult, Sebastian.  T.C. Boyle:  Wassermusik.  Die Bücherecke aus Eternity #12. <>

Sutcliffe, Thomas.  "Restoring the Dirt."  Times [London] Literary Supplement 26 February 1982, p. 224.

Tolson, Jay.  "Mungo Park and Swirling Sentences."  Washington Post Book World  7 February 1982: 10. 

Tucker, Ken.  "Playing Hell with History."  The Village Voice  XXVII: 2 (6-12 January 1982): 39. 

Fatima's Flesh from "Water Music."  In German with an outrageous illustration. Softstar November/December 1998. 

Interview with T.C. Boyle: The Novelist Talks to "Mungo Park" - about adventurous fools, notorious scamps and the line where invention meets reality (

Expedia y Mungo Park; Un Negocio Redondo, Reprinted from Yahoo! Internet Life, April 1997 (Internet Surf, May 1998 - Internet in Argentina).

Gebackenes Kamel mit Füllung aus T. Coraghessan Boyle "Wassermusik". In Gedenken an Jans Kochecke :-)  Alexander Adam. Jugendrotkreuz Schleswig-Holstein March 1997.

Baked Camel with Filling from "Water Music" (via a German TCB fan and DejaNews; translation (!) by Babelfish

What?  Can this really be our first Dutch link??  Another recipe for Gevulde Kameel (400 personen) (uit  "Water music", T. Coraghessan Boyle)

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