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These pages are meant to serve as a help section and resource center for the readers of
T. Coraghessan Boyle's stories and books. As anyone who has tried to maintain a site knows, it's an ongoing process to add new materials, create new topics, and correct any existing problems. But, as of this date, this is the most comprehensive collection of information about T.C. Boyle's work to be currently found on the Web.

Because of the ephemeral nature of things on the Web, i.e. newspaper articles in particular, anyone with a serious interest in preserving a particular review or interview for future reference should save it as an HTML file rather than simply bookmarking it.  In just one week, I discovered that some of the links which worked when posted on 2/21/2000 only returned the dreaded "404: File not found" message.  And, as any experienced Web searcher can tell you, you don't always pull up the same exact items when you perform a search even when using the same search terms and search engine. There's simply too much material in cyberspace.

For all of those students looking for help with research papers, PLEASE follow T.C.  Boyle's advice and read Boyle's essay "This Monkey, My Back" from the book, The Eleventh Draft, edited by Frank Conroy, for background on his origins as a writer. He cannot respond to you by e-mail. If you really want to find information on his boyhood, the video interview on his book World's End may also be in your library's collection. His development as a writer may focus on his college years. There are many interviews already on this site in which he discusses this period. Take advantage of these resources and read, read, read. There is much be to be learned there.

I would like to thank Paul Slovak of Viking Penguin for his kind words and assistance; Dan Wickett for sharing his trove of Boyle treasures for the Short Story Chronology; Werner Richter for providing his most amiable assistance with all things Germanic; Sandrine
Galotta for favorably reviewing our sites; the folks at Yahoo! for adding this site to their index; the spider at Google for making this site the #1 T.C. Boyle reference on the Web; Miriam Hardin for connecting us to Jack de Bellis and his Boyle Symposium paper; Marc Donadieu for allowing us to share his dissertation on Boyle's early novels; Jens Weisse for providing us with a link to his German thesis on Boyle's work; Dr. Markus Schröder for generously allowing us to share his interview with TCB; Chuckster for making me laugh; Shell for being around in the midnight hour; that raskul Griff for his ongoing encouragement; Tom for giving me "the Plague"; and my friend, Jef Tombeur,  for his always untiring and enthusiastic assistance.

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